Top 3 reasons you may have an Ant Infestation in your Yakima Home

1. You left food sitting out in your kitchen

What do an open package of crackers on the counter, a leftover crumb on the dinner table and a juice spill have in common? Well, if they are not taken care of properly they are likely to be found by foraging ants.

In fact, one of the most common reasons why ants and other pests for that matter are attracted to our homes is for the food it provides. All it takes is one little worker ant to find the source of the food and they will lead all of their friends (sometimes thousands) back via a pheromone trail. This is why you see them marching in a line; they are following an already established path.

2. Your kitchen has a build of up grease or debris

Again, it’s all about food. Grease and food debris built around or under your kitchen appliances may attract them. Even If you are careful about the daily cleaning and the storage of your food, if you don’t regularly clean or sweep these, they may be a magnet for ants.

3. There is moist, decaying wood in your home

If food and debris are not an issue for you and you are still seeing ants in your home it is possible that you have a more serious threat, carpenter ants. Carpenter ants create their colonies in moist, decaying wood which means that the wood structures of your home are subject to an ant infestation. Many confuse carpenter ants with termites because both do destroy wood, but carpenter ants do not eat wood like termites, they simply excavate through it in order to build spaces and galleries for their nests.