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Providing trusted, quality extermination, and pest control service in Yakima county for over 20 years.

If you think you have unwanted pests like ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, spiders, or rodents, a professional pest control operator can help you! Jerry Garcia, owner, and a pest control expert with more than 20 years of experience, will come to your home or business and identify the kind of pests you have, and what the extent of the infestation is.

Jerry’s extensive experience providing pest control services in the Yakima valley gives you the confidence of professional, proven, and quality year-round pest control for your home. Pests are eliminated as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we offer effective and ongoing prevention to keep your home or business pest free.

How we work for you.

Different pests require different methods for pest control. Jerry will discuss the best pest control process to eliminate the pests from your property. Some pests require powders, others need to be sprayed, and others have bait traps set for them. Sometimes pest  elimination is done inside the building, and sometimes pest control is done outside the building. The chemicals used are safe and non toxic to humans and pets.

Jerry will perform a detailed pest control inspection and explain the best way to eliminate the pests in your home or business. He can then identify the kind of pests you are dealing with and will clearly explain the pest elimination process. Jerry will work with you to create a step-by-step plan that is individual to your pest control needs.

Jerry believes in the importance of building cooperative working relationships with his customers. He is always willing to share his knowledge of pests and their habits, encouraging customers to ask questions and understand the root cause of their pest concerns.

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Veteran Owned Company

In addition to being an experienced pest control specialist;
Jerry is a husband, father of five, and a combat veteran.

Greg Loudon

Jerry is the best!! He's helped us with some ants and spiders. Extremely knowledgeable and very prompt and friendly. I appreciate his experience, and as a veteran myself, it feels good to do business with a fellow vet.

Austin Wilson

November 2021

After one phone call with Jerry, it's obvious he cares way more about his customers and their satisfaction than he does about making a profit. Without a doubt, I will return to him with any pest concern I have. I would highly recommend giving him a call if you are looking for pest service!

Lisa Saxton

Septemer 2021

Awesome job, EVERY TIME! Thanks for what you do Jerry. He always shows up and does the job I expect! I haven’t seen a scorpion in a long time.

Nick Giruzzi

September 2021

Jerry is always fantastic to work with. Very knowledgeable and spends the time to explain what he is doing and what might be going on. Highly recommend.

Marwin Poeggel

August 2021

Very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient! He's also a really nice guy and gives you the feeling that he has it all under control.

Kim Rodgers

June 2021

We love Jerry. He does a great job; always smiling!