Check for bedbugs when traveling!

Are you headed out of town for Memorial Day Weekend? Here are some quick tips on How to Check for BEDBUGS While You are Traveling:

1) When you check into your hotel- first thing, put your luggage in the bathtub (no bedbugs there!!)

2) Grab a flashlight and a credit card. Run the card along the seam of the mattress & look inside the seam.

3) Look for live bugs or excrement (Looks like rust stains)

4) Be sure to look behind the headboard and on the mattress as well.

If the coast is clear, take your suitcases out of the tub and enjoy your stay! If you find even one little bug, contact the management immediately!

If you or someone you know is struggling with Bedbugs, give us a call. We provide FREE INSPECTIONS.