How can I tell I have a bedbug problem?

The classic signs of bedbugs are dark stains on the places where you sleep the most – your bed, couch or chair. This is actually your digested blood they have processed from their bodies. You might also start to discover bites on one or more individuals in the home. The bites will be raised bumps over the skin. Sometimes there is a pattern to the bites, but sometimes it is a hodgepodge arrangement so it can be hard to know for sure.

An infestation of bedbugs does not mean you are untidy. Bedbugs transfer very, very easily from person to person. They could be on clothes someone gave you, or something you bought at a garage sale. The bugs could be brought in from the market, on furniture, antiques, even in used books. Bedbugs can even hitch a ride in your luggage when you are travelling.

Once in your home, they will hide where it is warm – often behind electrical plates or near your outlets. They will follow the scent of the carbon dioxide that we exhale while we sleep. That is why they most often show up in bedrooms. But they can be anywhere in our house that we are.

What steps can I take to keep my home bedbug-free?

It is important to constantly machine wash and dry your sheets and bedding. Bedbugs can work their way from your mattress to your box spring. You can purchase covers that are made for bedbug treatment and completely encase the mattress and box spring. It is important to get both covers. The bedbugs can cluster on the frame of the mattress and box spring, but then they are encased and it will help to get rid of them more quickly.

Decluttering and wiping down your hardwood furniture with bleach helps to kill the eggs. Frequent vacuuming of your upholstery is helpful, especially in the corners and around the trimming. Vacuuming the carpeting helps because it will repeatedly remove the eggs the female has laid. Be sure to get into the corners and pay attention around electrical outlets.

You can also use sprays and foggers, but they will only treat the bugs that are in the open. As bedbugs are nocturnal, most of them will be hiding when you are trying to get rid of them. It is important to understand that a professional pest service is the best, and most knowledgeable, way to eradicate your bedbug infestation.

Why pick Jerry's for my bedbug problem?

We have more than 20 years dealing with bedbugs in the Yakima Valley. We have a system that helps to educate the customers. The most successful results come from the hand-in-hand cooperation between Jerry’s Pest Service and the customer.

We start with a leaflet that explains what needs to happen in preparation. If you follow the simple instructions before I arrive there can be a very nice outcome. Our three-part system takes care of all ages of bedbugs so that even the eggs hatching will be gone. We will be happy to have gotten rid of the bedbugs for you and you will be very happy they’re gone from your home and no longer creating a problem for you.

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