How can I tell I have a spider problem?

There are many different species of spiders in this area. You won’t ever see most of them, but you will most likely see the Yellow Sac, Hobo, and Black Widow spiders. These three are the ones to watch out for as their bites are poisonous and painful. There are a couple of others that you might see – the big Crab spider, and what people call the “Jumping” spider because it moves so fast. When you have spiders you will start to notice their webs being built up in your house and outbuildings.

Spiders are attracted to the warmth and light from inside our houses shining outside. They will mostly hide in cool dark places. They prey on other insects, and those other insects are attracted to the light. The spiders will go to where the light is to get their next meal, and that means coming inside your house.

You can find spider webs in the corners of your ceiling, under cupboards, behind big pieces of rarely moved furniture. They will nest in the folds of your curtains, tucked up under the books on your shelf, and behind your TV. In your outbuildings you can find the webs in the ceiling rafters, behind your tools and behind the boxes you store things in.

What steps can I take to keep my home spider-free?

You can change your lightbulbs to lower the light in your house so it doesn’t project as much to the outside. Close your window shades tightly, and keep your covers off the floor in your bedroom because the spiders can easily crawl up into your sheets.

Outside your house switch from fluorescent to yellow light bulbs (“bug lights”) to tone down the amount of light.

Why pick Jerry's for my spider problem?

I will go out and look at your residence to try to determine the type of spiders you have in your residence. Once we know that, we can develop a program solution that will be tailored to your residence. Tri-yearly or quarterly treatments are recommended, depending on the level of spiders we have found in and around your house.

After more than 20 years in the Yakima Valley, Jerry’s Pest Service has come in contact with a wide variety of spiders. We can identify and determine a program that is right for you – and that means you can be comfortable in a spider-free home!

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